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Secretary DARE & DG ICAR's Desk

October - December 2013

Indian Agriculture to a large extent depends on the weather and climatic conditions. In early 1988, a National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) was established by the Government of India to develop suitable numerical weather-prediction models to issue weather forecasts, and to inform and guide farmers in advance to undertake farming activities.

July - September 2013

Engineering inputs to agriculture by way of mechanization have increased considerably during the recent years. Agricultural mechanization that started with sharpened stones, wooden and metallic tools has now moved to electric operated sophisticated machineries, all to meet the timeliness of farm operations, reducing drudgery, capacity enhancement and efficient utilization of inputs. As early as in 400 BC, Krishi Parashara provides details of farm mechanization, tools as well as practices, indicating the best possible real-time farm management solutions.

April - June 2013

For more than a decade, Indian agriculture is encountering frequent occurrence of climatic extremes in form of droughts, floods, cyclones, sea-level rise, cold-and heat-stress. At any given time, one or the other region in the country experiences some form of climatic stress that results in considerable loss of agricultural production. Most climate models indicate that such trends will get further magnified in future which could result in greater instability in food production and threaten the livelihood security of farmers.

January - March 2013

The livestock population is expected to grow at the rate of 0.55% in the coming years, and the population is likely to be around 781 million by 2050. Though India is among the leading producers of milk, meat and eggs; productivity of our animals is 20-60% lower than the global average due to improper nutrition, inadequate health-care and management, and also due to the lack of scientific breeding of animals. Half of the total losses in livestock productivity are contributed to by the inadequacy in supply of feed and fodder.

October - December 2012

The rapid growth and diversification of development activities have resulted in much needed expansion of employment opportunities, but at the same time have triggered rural to urban migration. This trend has inadvertently resulted in shift of farm labour to nonfarm sectors. To sustain food security, it is imperative to encourage farmers to continue with agriculture, wherein the rural youth have a crucial role to play. 

July-September 2012

Gender issues are receiving increasing attention in the context of higher and inclusive agricultural development. The challenge we are facing is two fold: identifying context specific gender issues in agriculture and addressing them on priority through appropriate socio-economic, technological, and knowledge and policy-based interventions.

April-June 2012

Achieving food security is one of the priorities on the national agenda. At the current rate of population growth, it would be a challenging task to ensure food security which, as per the Food and Agriculture Organization, 'Exists when all people at all times have both physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs for an active and healthy life'.

Jan-March 2012

The ICAR and the State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), vested with the major responsibility of planning and imparting higher agricultural education, research and front-line extension, have contributed significantly towards growth of agriculture. Presently, there are 53 SAUs, five Deemed-to-be Universities (four of them are constituent Institutes of ICAR), four Central Universities (CUs) with constituent agricultural faculties and one Central Agricultural University (CAU) providing education in 13 disciplines at under-graduate level and more than 95 subjects at post-graduate level.


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