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Proposed activities under Mid-Term Plan (for implementation in 2011-15)

  • Enhance cooperation in food, agriculture and forestry in key areas of mutual interest, with the aim to enhance productivity of agricultural products and meet the challenges of food security, as well as enhance their accessibility to global markets (activities already started under different programmes).
  • Promote networking between government authorities concerned, as well as between agriculture experts/ scientists agricultural related academic institutions of ASEAN Member Countries and India (agenda put up for Conference of Heads of Agricultural Universities and Research Institutions and Indian Agricultural and Central Universities to be held at NASC, New Delhi on 19-20 Feb., 2013).
  • Promote capacity building, technology transfer, and R&D as mutually agreed for global competence in agriculture (agenda put up for Conference of Heads of ASEAN Universities and Research Institutions and Indian Agricultural and CentralUniversities to be held on 19-20 Feb., 2013).
  • Provide opportunities for ASEAN and India farmers, including young farmers, to learn and develop more efficient farming practices and management skills through information sharing (visits of farmers have started in December, 2012 in batches).

India is to develop and implement Joint Collaborative Projects in the areas of

  • Hybrid Rice technology
  • Breeding for biotic and abiotic stress tolerance (submergence, drought, salinity, diseases and insect pests )
  • Resource conservation technologies
  • Gene and allele mining
  • Quality enhancement of Agricultural produce
  • Nutrient and water use efficiency management
  • Climate change and testing
  • Demonstration and exchange of farm implements and machinery
  • Agro forestry systems
  • Food security, particularly food price volatility
  • Trans boundary animal diseases