सफलता की कहानी

ICAR-IISR Interventions helped to break all time record of sugar production in Uttar Pradesh

ICAR- Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow is actively working for sugarcane and sugar sector in the country and especially for subtropical India. Being situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh the Institute has been implementing targeted programme of cane development in close collaboration with state cane department and sugar mills. This targeted efforts of ICAR- Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow (IISR) culminated into sweet harvest as Uttar Pradesh has achieved record sugar production of 8.72 m t in crushing season 2016-2017 and elevated to the no. one position among sugar producing states of the country. Sustained efforts of IISR to implement cane development activities in participatory mode involving all the stakeholder i.e. Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research (public research institute), State cane department (public development agency), Sugar mill (private) and cane growers (farmer) has contributed significantly in achieving unparalleled success in sugar sector of Uttar Pradesh. Under partnership mode IISR introduced technological interventions, sugar mill supported financial outlay for development activities, State cane department made available functional linkages for executing activities, and farmers spared his land, labour and input resources in execution of collaborative programme in the command areas of sugar mills.